Yard Facilities

Qeshm Offshore Industry Pioneer Co.

The yard of the company is located in Qeshm Island, as one of the free-zone islands, where we can provide any supplies needed for various projects. A private wharf that make it more easier to load and evacuate as fastest and safest as possible is required.
Offshore Industry Pioneer of Qeshm's plant with an area of 4.5 hectares has a private dock of about 900 square meters and separate buildings for administration and welfare. Administrative department with an area of 640 square meters includes 18 offices which are equipped with office supplies.
Executive productive buildings consists of 5 workshops with the area of 820 square meters each, plus overhead cranes. In addition, the plant has a gantry crane and special workshop for shot-blasting and painting operations.
Other Separated buildings like material warehouse, recreational rooms , restaurant ,medical room and camps are located in Qeshm yard.

  • 1||||27||||Yard-1
  • 2||||28||||Yard-1
  • 3||||29||||Yard-1
  • 4||||30||||Yard-1
  • 5||||31||||Yard-1
  • 1||||32||||yard-2
  • 5||||33||||yard-2
  • 4||||34||||yard-2
  • 3||||35||||yard-2
  • 2||||36||||yard-2
  • 1||||37||||Yard-3
  • 4||||38||||Yard-3
  • 3||||39||||Yard-3
  • 2||||40||||Yard-3

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